Thursday, 13 September 2012

Makeup Favourites


So, I'm back with a beauty post and this is going to be on my makeup favourites/the makeup that I wear on a daily basis. My makeup looks do tend vary depending on like the seasons and stuff (I tend to wear more makeup in winter than summer). So this is kind of my sort of summer/autumn makeup.
I prefer to wear tinted moisturiser instead of a thick foundation and this year I've been using Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser. I then wear concealer and lately I've been wearing Natural Collection Cover-Up Cream ( In know, there are quite a few Natural Collection items in this!). I then use Avon Colourtrend Face Powder as its quite good and its just one I kind of had sitting around for a while. For my eyes, I use Natural Collection eyeshadow in Seashell all over my eyes, then Boots No7 eyeshadow in Antique Rose all over my lid and then Natural Collection in Milk Chocolate in my crease to add a little bit of definition. I then use Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara.
Right I think that's all the make-up I wear on a daily basis! I don't really tend to wear anything on my lips other than a tinted lip balm every day as I have school and we're not actually allowed to wear make-up but you know! I just wear it anyway. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm sorry it took so long for me to post it. Have a great rest of the week :)
Much Love,
P.s. The Natural Collection Make-up is available at Boots and online here as is the No7 (the actual eyeshadow that I use is not available online but it may still be in stores) and the Avon is available to order from the Avon book and online here.

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