Saturday, 23 June 2012

Summer Goals Update!

Thought that I would update you all on my Summer Goals from my last post. I set myself 4 goals; to eat healthier, to get more active, to read more and to get more me-time on sundays.
I have begun to eat slightly healthier foods. Its nothing major but its a start! Unfortunately the weather here has been rubbish lately so I haven't been able to get outside much but I have started moving around more and making sure that I'm not sat down for ages! Now, that my exams are over I have finally had more time to read! Yay :) (Just started the Hunger Games). The only one that I haven't really had any success on is the last one - me-time on Sundays because I had my Auntie's Wedding last weekend and then I was revising all the time before that! However, I plan to definitely have some me-time tomorrow! :)

So, it's only small changes at the minute but I'm getting there! I have been more successful in keeping to the goals this time compared to previous attempts and I just hope that I an stick to them now! :)
Keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming reviews on here :)
Much love,