Monday, 7 January 2013

Being Healthier!

So today I thought I'd do a post on being healthier because this is one of my new years resolutions and a few of you said that you had similar resolutions so I thought it might helpful for a couple of you. I'm not trying to lose weight or anything with this I just want to be healthier because its just generally good for you and I'm hoping that it will help with my skin as its not that great (especially after all of the junk food over Christmas!)
So, here are the things that I'm going to try and stick to:
1) Don't deprive yourself of anything! This will just make you crave it even more, eat everything that you want to, even if its unhealthy, just eat it all in moderation. For instance, if your a chocoholic (like me!) just eat a couple of pieces of chocolate a day.
2) Cut down on dairy. Dairy products contain quite a lot of calories and are not that good for your skin as dairy can cause you to break out. Don't entirely cut it out of your diet as you do need some dairy, just don't eat too much! 
3) Try and not snack as much! This is quite a big one for me as I always seem to find myself snacking, even when I'm not really that hungry. I'm going to aim to eat a slightly bigger breakfast which will then hopefully fill me up and keep me going until lunch. I'm going to then allow myself to have a snack once I get in from school before dinner. I'm also going to have a small, light snack after dinner.
4) Make healthier choices. Not all of the time as we're always going to have unhealthy days where we're just going to sit there and pig out! But, if I have a choice between something like a pizza or a salad wrap, I'm going to go for the wrap just so that its that my diets that little bit better!
5) Water. I hardly ever usually drink water so I'm going to try to drink about 4 glasses a day. I know they say that you should aim to drink 8 glasses but I think that's a bit much for me, to go from no water to 8 glasses! So I'm just going to try to at least drink some water every day.
So, I hope that this was useful to some of you. Let me know in the comments if your trying to do any of the things above and we can encourage each other along the way :)
Much Love,


  1. Oh, that was actually really useful, thanks! I'll try to do everything from the list, especially make healthier choices, because like about ten minuts ago I decided to eat pizza instead of normal food (facepalm)...

    1. Glad that it was useful! Good luck :) xxx

  2. Hey I'm a new follower :) I found you on Sprinkleofglitter as you were the comment above mine haha :P Just to say that I totally agree about the drinking more water thing, I'm just as bad :S I rarely drink and it's causing my skin to have MEGA breakouts ew. I need to start drinking AT LEAST a glass a day, but it's nice to know that someone else has the same problem as me :') xxx

    1. Thank you for following hehe :) bless, I am exactly the same as you! Good luck with sticking to it! xxx

  3. Hey! i've just discovered your blog and i had a really amazing time checking it! This post is awesome and i can't wait for other ones!
    Love from Italy xoxo

  4. Ah I find it so hard to cut down on snacks ahah Everytime im bored im just like FOOD GIVE ME FOOD. I also need to start drinking more water but I don't like it ahah its hard being healthy! x


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